CNC machine parts processing technology analysis

NC machine according to the material of the processed products, contour shape, tolerance requirements, the selection of appropriate equipment, to determine the processing sequence of parts, each process used tools, fixtures and cutting fluid consumption, etc.

Analysis of manufacturability of CNC machining parts:

Numerical control processing technology analysis involves a wide range, in this only from the possibility of numerical control processing and convenience principle of two aspects of analysis.

(一) The size data on the parts drawing should be given in line with the principle of convenient programming.

1. The dimension marking method on the part drawing should adapt to the characteristics of numerical control machining:

In the numerical control machining part drawing, the dimensions should be noted with the same datum or the coordinate dimensions should be given directly. This marking method is not only convenient for programming, but also convenient for the coordination between dimensions, which brings great convenience in maintaining the consistency of design, process, detection and programming origin setting. As part designers generally consider assembly and other use characteristics in dimension marking, they have to use local scattered marking method, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to working procedure arrangement and numerical control machining. Because the accuracy of CNC machining and repeated positioning is very high, it will not destroy the use characteristics due to large accumulated errors, so the local scattered marking method can be changed to the marking method with the same reference size or directly giving the coordinate size.

(二) The structure of the processing parts of the parts should conform to the characteristics of numerical control processing:

1.  The cavity and shape of the parts should adopt uniform geometric type and size. This can reduce the tool specifications and tool changing times, so that the programming is convenient, production efficiency is improved.

2. The size of the inner groove fillet determines the size of the tool diameter, so the inner groove fillet radius should not be too small. The quality of parts technology is related to the height of the processed contour and the radius of the transfer arc.

3. When the bottom plane of parts is milling, the fillet radius R at the bottom of the groove should not be too large.

4. Unified reference positioning should be adopted.In numerical control machining, if there is no uniform datum positioning, will lead to the reinstallation of the workpiece after the processing of the two surface contour position and size is not coordinated phenomenon.Therefore, in order to avoid the above problems and ensure the accuracy of its relative position after two clamping processes, a unified reference positioning should be adopted.

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